How Auditing Services can Help Add Value to Your Business

When it comes to running a medium or large business, auditing services are both a necessity and a legal obligation for any commercial enterprise. It’s an in-depth review of your business processes and internal systems, which is often a requirement for larger organisations. Auditing can be done internally by the company or the company might also choose to take help from other professional auditing companies. You can choose between an internal and external audit.

Requesting an External Audit

On the other hand, the external auditors do not belong to the organization they are auditing. External audits, unlike internal auditing services are conducted by an independent body of auditors that reports directly to the shareholders of the company. The external audits conduct a thorough check of the financial management of the company in question. The appointment of external auditors is generally carried out by the shareholders of the company. In most of the cases the shareholders have a discussion with the directors of the company prior to the appointment of the auditors.

What are Internal Audits?

Internal auditors are essentially a team from within the organization that conduct auditing services on the finances of the company and then reports the advances to the directors. These internally conducted audits help the company in developing better risk management schemes for the company. It is also the responsibility of the auditing committee to ensure to check the effectiveness of the current risk management policies of the company. The work of such auditors seems like a more continuous process and based more on the internal operations of the company.

As far as the responsibility of auditing services is concerned, the scope varies a lot depending on whether the audit is external or internal. In case of external audits the financial auditing committee can be responsible to a range of different people, including the clients of the company, the shareholders, the directors or even the government. Unlike this, the results of internal audits do not go beyond the company where the audit is conducted. The auditing company reports only to the senior management of the company. These are generally not so much concerned with the financial review as identifying the key risks to the business in the given scenario.

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